Mercedes S class Long with Driver

 Rent Mercedes S class Long with Driver

The largest and most luxurious of the Mercedes saloons, the S-Class remains the spearhead of the German brand.
 The solutions used are the most sophisticated imaginable from the point of view of comfort and safety. From an aesthetic point of view, the light clusters have been redesigned, as have the bumpers, the front with larger and more aggressive air intakes and the rear with a new, larger chrome profile for the exhausts.
This limousine will take you on a wonderful journey with its new options, such as the interior lighting, with 64 shades of colour, massage mode, ventilation and heating of the front and rear seats, the air conditioning, music and fragrance that can be more or less relaxing according to your desires turning the interior into a spa.
Materials, atmosphere, quality of the interior finishes meet all the expectations of a top-of-the-range saloon. For the rest, the sumptuous interior of the Mercedes S-Class is also airy in the back with our versions available with the Long Wheelbase. Space, materials and attention to finishes are what you would expect from a flagship, plus there is the futuristic charm of all-digital instrumentation. The security systems keep the surrounding area monitored even more precisely and in an even more forward-looking fashion. Now it reacts even quicker, reducing the dangers right from the start. In particular, it supports the driver and other passengers more effectively than ever before.
The excellent soundproofing and the impeccable work of the active suspensions make for travel in a muffled environment. Our professional and multilingual drivers will be at your complete disposal to fulfil your every request and make your trip a fantastic experience.


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