Range Rover Autobiography

Rent Range Rover Autobiography

The queen of SUVs is now available , Luxurious interiors with heated electric front and rear seats, the large screen of the navigator with voice commands in the middle of a dashboard with a clean and elegant line. Created in 1970, it was the first luxury off-road vehicle, a car suitable to easily drive on muddy dirt tracks and snowy roads, without then being ashamed to parade it in the most fashionable streets of Italian cities.

You travel on large and comfortable seats and space abounds in all directions, our versions are all long wheelbase giving greater comfort to our customers. Rear TV screens, mini-bar, nappa leather, panorama roof, rear window blinds, Bluetooth, 22″ rims, 1700 Watt audio system, 29 speakers,

integrated ioniser in the air conditioner and the Activity Key for opening and closing the locks. Top comfort, rear seats with massage function, air-conditioned, the heating has also been extended to the armrest with 24 electric adjustments. The air suspensions are ready to isolate from all the imperfections of the asphalt and to enhance the soundproofing, new acoustic crystals of six millimetres  have been adopted. It has not lost its aristocratic character, the squared line that has always distinguished it, the panoramic roof inserted on the thin dark pillars, the massive sides and the long, flat bonnet with the tiered sides.

Normally, we use this car for long transfers or days out, the versions available all have 3.0 V6 engine from 249 hp and also a hybrid version with Vogue equipment, always with long wheelbase, 3.0 V6 510 hp. This Luxury SUV is ideal for your holidays in the mountains or by the sea, a day of relaxation on the Tuscan hills with a tasting in the Montalcino region.


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