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Rent a car Forte dei Marmi: why choose a luxury car, what to see and what to do

Forte dei Marmi, an unspoiled gem on the Tuscan coast, is renowned for its exclusive ambiance, luxury boutiques and sophisticated beach clubs, and numerous places to visit that offer plenty to do. Experiencing this Italian coastal city in a luxury car is the best way to elevate your stay. In this article we will see why renting a car in Forte dei Marmi makes traveling and living here so much better than any other vehicle when the car chosen is a luxury car. We will also look at what to see and do in Forte dei Marmi.

Why rent a car Forte dei Marmi to embrace glamour

Known to attract celebrities and elites, Forte dei Marmi radiates luxury. Why rent a’luxury car?

Glamour Embracing

Coming to Forte dei Marmi in a high-end vehicle such as a Ferrari or a Bentley, but also a Mercedes AMG GLS 63, perfectly matches this aura, allowing you to fit perfectly into the refined and glamorous atmosphere of the Tuscan town.
Luxury car rental service can be purchased from top companies, guarantors of reliability and prestige, such as Seriesse Service.

Unparalleled comfort and sophistication aboard a’luxury car with advanced technologies

Moving between busy roads and lively beach clubs is a breeze in a luxury car. Modern luxury cars are designed for comfort and sophistication and are equipped with the latest technology. From seamless smartphone integration to adaptive cruise control and ambient lighting, these features make travel safer, more comfortable, and more enjoyable:

  • With heated leather seats, advanced climate control, and high-end audio systems, you can explore Forte dei Marmi in style, while staying cool and relaxed.
  • The latest GPS navigation and parking assistance features help you find the best routes and avoid delays.
  • Premium safety features provide peace of mind whether you are heading to Pietrasanta, cruising along the Versilia coast or proceeding in any other direction.

Whether it’s dining at starred restaurants, shopping at high-end boutiques, or attending exclusive events, a luxury car showcases your taste and sophistication. It makes every outing an experience and leaves a lasting impression.

A luxury car gives a professional image to business travelers

For those visiting Forte dei Marmi on business, arriving in a luxury car enhances the professional image. A sophisticated car makes a good impression when meeting clients at renowned venues or attending high-profile networking events.

Forte dei Marmi: what to see and do

Forte dei Marmi, with its golden beaches and exclusive charm, is one of Versilia’s most luxurious destinations. A resort like Forte dei Marmi offers much to see and do. Aboard a’luxury plus car there’s the possibility of flexible itineraries: with a’luxury car, your travel itinerary is as flexible as you want. Stay longer at the Versiliana Festival or visit the tranquil Villa Bertelli without worrying about public transportation schedules and enjoy all the benefits we have already written about above.
Hire a luxury car
Renting a luxury car here can elevate your experience, allowing you to explore in style and comfort. Here are 11 must-do activities in Forte dei Marmi when you have a luxury car at your disposal.

Exploring the Tuscan countryside

Forte dei Marmi is perfectly located for day trips among the rolling hills of Tuscany. Take a ride in a luxurious convertible through nearby villages, such as Lucca and Pisa, or drive through scenic vineyards for an unforgettable day.

Walk on the pier in Forte dei Marmi

Start your adventure with a walk on the famous pier that juts into the Ligurian Sea, perfect for watching the sunrise or sunset.

Luxury shopping on Via Carducci

Take advantage of your luxury car to arrive in style at the haute couture boutiques on Via Carducci, where you can find the great brands of Italian and international fashion.

Visit Villa Bertelli

Discover the art exhibitions and concerts held in this historic villa, a vibrant cultural center in the region.

Beach Day

Enjoy a day at Forte dei Marmi’s exclusive equipped beaches, taking advantage of the comfortable bathing establishments that offer privacy and high-quality services.

Exploring the Apuan Alps

Drive your luxury car to the nearby Apuan Alps for a hike or to admire the breathtaking views from the peaks.

Gourmet Dinner

Enjoy dinner at one of the area’s Michelin-starred restaurants, where you can enjoy sophisticated Tuscan and international cuisine.

Aperitif in Garibaldi Square

For an evening aperitif stop by Piazza Garibaldi, where the chic atmosphere combines perfectly with the upscale ambiance.

Visit the Forte Markets

Every Wednesday morning and Sunday evening, Forte dei Marmi’s market comes alive, offering the opportunity to buy unique local and artisanal products.

Trip to Pietrasanta

A short drive away, discover Pietrasanta, known as the “Little Athens” for its intense cultural activity and numerous art galleries.

Wine Tour

With your luxury car, head to the surrounding Tuscan hills for a vineyard tour, tasting some of the region’s finest wines.

Enjoy the best of Forte dei Marmi: Seriesse Service, personalized luxury car rental experience

Forte dei Marmi is a place where you can indulge in the best that life has to offer. From exclusive beach clubs to high-end restaurants, exploring this idyllic town in a luxury car enhances the experience and allows you to enjoy everything the region is famous for.rent a car forte dei marmi - luxury car hire forte dei marmi
Living and traveling in Forte dei Marmi in a luxury car offers an unparalleled experience that blends seamlessly with the sophistication of the town. Whether you are looking for comfort, convenience or the thrill of exploring Tuscany in a high-performance vehicle, renting a luxury car allows you to savor every moment of your trip and makes Forte dei Marmi a truly unforgettable destination.
Renting a luxury car in Forte dei Marmi not only adds a touch of class to your trip, but also allows you to discover the best that the city and its surroundings have to offer with the utmost comfort and style.
Many luxury car rental services, such as Seriesse Service, offer personalized experiences, allowing you to choose from a range of elite models with customizable features. Whether you want a chauffeured trip or prefer to drive yourself, you can find a solution that meets your preferences.

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